3 Common Oroville Plumbing Problems

emergency plumber orovillePlumbing issues are an inevitable part of owning a home. Oroville residents us water regularly in their daily routines. To make those routines easier, running water is available in all of our homes. With that being said, it is unavoidable that accidents will happen. Things wear down over time and human error is bound to occur. With all of that being said, knowing the most common reasons that our plumbing systems can fail can help one watch out for issues and get the problem fixed before it gets worse. 

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It’s hard to recognize how much we actually use the plumbing in our day-to-day lives until it is no longer available. As your home ages, it is natural to have problems. With that being said, there are common issues to take care of right away before water damage can occur. 

Clogged Drains And Toilets

Clogged drains or pipes are fairly easy to spot when it is happening. Water is slower to move down as usual and you end up with backups, depending on how large the blockage is. Drains located in showers and sinks are most commonly blocked up by clumps of hair. Toilets are usually backed up by items that cannot be dissolved or are too big to be flushed in the first place. Those solid items cannot move through the pipe, so they stay put, making it difficult or impossible for water to flow past the blockage and down the pipes.

To avoid a clogged toilet, be sure to only flush dissolvable items down. Never flush anything down the toilet that isn’t meant to be flushed, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, or tampons. These will ultimately clog the toilet or the entire plumbing system.

If young children live in the home, be sure to keep an eye on them in the bathroom and teach them what does and doesn’t go in the toilet. To prevent clogged drains, use a hair catcher and clean it often. If the clogs don’t seem to be clearing up despite your best efforts, the next best solution is to call a plumber.

Water Heater Problems

When taking a shower or using the sink, and you notice that the hot water isn’t turning on, there is usually a problem with your water heater. Additionally, dripping water, discolored water, puddles, and noises all coming from the water heater are also indicators that something with your water heater is wrong.

Typically, the reason your water heater has problems is due to leaks, as well as mineral deposits. Mineral deposits affect the efficiency of the water heater, reducing the supply of hot water. This problem also causes strange noises because the sediment actually explodes from being too hot.

To prevent a water heater from facing problems, be sure to keep up with regular maintenance. Check valves often, flush the tank to remove sediment, and watch for leaks. If any of these steps aren’t achievable or don’t seem to work with your water heater, don’t be afraid to ask a plumber for help.

Leaky Pipes And Faucets

Leaky or burst pipes can come from several different issues. Corrosion can be one; reasons for this can be hard water, chemicals that are poured down them, and improperly fitted pipes. All of these can lead to these pipes leaking and need to be replaced as soon as it is noticed. Corroded pipes can cause a burst in the pipes. 

High water pressure can be another reason for leaky pipes. Pipes can usually only handle a certain maximum of pressure and can’t be pushed past that. If your water pressure was regular, there may be different causes such as changes in weather or clogged pipes. 

A faucet dripping is usually because the washer that forms a seal on the tap is damaged. When it is damaged, small amounts of water are allowed to slip through and drip from the faucet. At this point, it’s safe to say a plumber can help you the rest of the way for your faucet or pipes if every effort isn’t doing to fix the problem.


Any of these problems can quickly become out of hand and turn into a plumbing emergency. Large amounts of damage can occur when a toilet overflows, pipes burst or a water heater has problems. Professionals at Watkins Plumbing are readily available to handle any plumbing emergency to ensure that your home doesn’t experience damage.

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